Lillian Wilhelm Smith Lost Dutchman Park circa 1924

Left: Lillian Wilhelm Smith-Lost Dutchman Park Circa 1925

Photo courtesy of John and Louisa Wetherill Collection

Right: location where photo was taken.

Scroll down to see paintings of the Superstitions by various artists along with photos of the approximate location.

All photos by Gary Fillmore

Superstitions Lost Dutchman Park by Gary Fillmore  
Lillian Wilhelm Smith Supertition Mountains
Superstition Mountains SW corner of Meridan and Southern by Gary Fillmore

Lillian Wilhelm Smith

Circa 1925

Superstition Mountains from southwest corner of Meridian and Southern
Emil Kosa Jr. Superstition Morning
Superstition Mountains Bluebird and Apache Trail by Gary Fillmore
Emil Kosa Jr. Circa 1935
Superstition Mountains-Intersection of Apache Trail and Bluebird Trail
Oscar Strobel Superstition Thunderstorm Superstition Mountains Just south of Goldfield ghost town by Gary Fillmore  
Oscar Strobel Circa 1950
Superstition Mountains just southwest of Goldfield ghost town
Joseph Imhof Superstition Mountains
Superstition Mountains from Jacob Walz and Mountain View by Gary Fillmore
Joseph Imhof Circa 1935
Superstition Mountains from Mountain View and Jacob Waltz
E. L. Boone Superstition Mountains
Superstition Mountains Jacob Walz and Mountain View by Gary Fillmore
E.L. Boone Circa 1950
Jacob Walz and Mountain View Dr.
Hanson Puthuff Desert Scene
Superstitions from Apache Trail 2 miles past entrance to Lost Dutchman Park by Gary Fillmore
Hanson Puthuff  Circa 1936
Superstition Mountains from Apache Trail two miles past Lost Dutchman Park
Marjorie Reed Superstition Mountains
Superstition Mountains Acacia and Lost Dutchman by Gary Fillmore
Marjorie Reed Circa 1940
Superstition Mountains from Acacia and Lost Dutchman
John Marsahll Gamble Saguaro Evening
John Marshall Gamble Superstitions 1 miles from Peralta Trailhead by Gary Fillmore
John Marshall Gamble Circa 1923

One mile from Peralta Trailhead

(Not sure if this is the right perspective. If anyone has a different opinion please contact me)

Albert Groll Superstitions
Albert Groll Circa 1915
Superstition Mountains by John Hilton
John Hilton Circa Circa 1958
Jessie Benton Evans Superstition Mountains
Jessie Benton Evans Circa 1930
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