Turquoise Horse L Adee Dodge Turquoise Horse R
"Spirit Turquoise Horse of the Goddess of the Moon-Set of Two " by Adee Dodge

Guache on Paperboard 11.5 x 9


In Navajo mythology and chants the Sun and Moon deities rode horses. The movement of the heavenly bodies was equated with the movement of a horse. Both the Sun God and the Moon Goddess rode different colored horses, which varied depending on the purpose or need of the tribal ceremony. However the turquoise horse, the favorite of the both the sun and the moon, is the most revered of all the horses in Navajo tribal lore. The feather fetish attached to the horses ear endows the horse with speed. The bluebird, the Navajo symbol for happiness and health, is flying behind the horse to watch over and protect him. 

Adee Dodge Turquoise Horse L Adee Dodge Turquoise Horse R
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