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Jasper D'Ambrosi

"Muddy Creek Crossing"

jasper D'ambrosi muddy creek crossin

Paul Dyck

"The Deer Dancer"

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Paul Dyck The Deer Dancer

Fremont Ellis

"Grand Canyon"

Fremont Ellis Grand Canyon

Jessie Benton Evans

"Blossoms and Sand"


Jessie Benton Evans Blossoms and Sand
Mildred Ford

"Ode to Spring"

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mildred ford ode to spring

George Frederick

"Warm Sand"

George Frederick Warm Sand

Ralph Goltry

"Palo Verde Blossoms"

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Ralph Goltry Palo Verde Blossoms

John Hilton

"Silver Trees and Gold Sand"

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John Hilton Silver Trees and Gold Sand

Kathi Hilton

"Windows in Time"


kathi Hilton Windows in time

Roy Kerswill

"Evening Thunder"

roy kerswill evening thunder

Arnold Krug

"Superstition Mountains 1935"

Arnold Krug Superstition Mountains

Erna Lange

Indian Village


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Erna Lange Indian Village

Axel Linus

"Three Women"

Axel Linus Three Women

Ruth Lotan

Untitled Nude

Ruth Lotan Untitled Nude
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