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Betatakin Ruins Trip-September 2009

Retracing the steps of the Wetherill led 1922 expedition to Betatakin Ruins which included James Swinnerton (Jimmy), Maynard Dixon, Dorothea Lange, W. R. Leigh and Lillian Wilhelm Smith.

Betatakin Ruins by Gary Fillmore



Wetherill Family Archives Trip-October 2009

Browsing through a historical treasure trove brings some exciting surprises.

Wetherill Lodge-Kayenta Arizona Circa 1922


Canyon De Chelly Trip-October 2009

Another connection with Jimmy turns up in an unlikely place.

Cottonwoods-Canyon De Chelly by Gary Fillmore


Back at home, wrapping up-December 2009


The writing is all but finished, and the only travel left to do is to acquire more images wherever and whenever I can find them.

Gunnar Widforss Grand Canyon

December 2010 update

Schiffer Books will be publishing Shadows on the Mesa-Artists of the Painted Desert and Beyond in late 2011.  Museum exhibitions based on the book are scheduled at the Museum of Northern Arizona (February-April 2012) and the Phippen Museum in the late summer of 2012.


James Swinnerton Black Mesa

May 2011-Another Jimmy mystery solved




I'm sure we've all heard the adage of what happens when one assumes.  Such was the almost the case with my latest finding.

James Swinnerton in front of his painting titled Betatakin Ruins-January 1951