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The Navajo Indian Kachina dolls shown here are masterfully crafted by noted Navajo carver Benny Fowler. Navajo Indian Kachina dolls are not really dolls or playthings. Instead they are intended to represent a visual conception in human form of the spirits of various animals, plants and birds which help the tribe with the challenges of life. There are spirits for a multitude of purposes. Over 900 different kachinas have been documented.

A native of the four corners area, Benny provides extensive detail on every component of his dolls. Real feathers, leather, fur, and shells are used for the clothing and ornaments. The attention to detail, combined with Benny's natural art istic talent and love of his subject matter, result in remarkably unique kachinas which are represented with beauty and grace. Benny's kachinas have fascinated and captivated scores of collectors worldwide.


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