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          Western and Rustic Furniture Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your furniture built?

All our furniture is hand crafted on an individual order basis in Arizona by Dalton Owens and his assistants. Nothing is imported or manufactured in a factory.



How long have you offered Dalton’s custom furniture?

Dalton’s relationship with the business goes back to 1999, when Aztec Furnishings (the predecessor to the Blue Coyote Gallery) was launched.  Dalton has been making custom furniture full time since 1997.  Very few artisans are skilled enough to make a full time living as custom furniture makers. However  Dalton’s creative talent combined with his commitment to quality craftsmanship have resulted in a signature line of furniture that is both distinctive and durable.


What kind of wood choices are available?

All of our pieces are available in either ponderosa pine or alder.  In some cases, character cherry can be used for planking, inserts or accents.  All of our furniture is built from solid wood.  No particle board, compressed board or veneer is used. 


What is the difference between Ponderosa Pine and Alder?

Alder is a slightly heavier and denser wood, but the average layman would not be able to tell the difference between unstained pieces of Alder and Ponderosa pine.  The grain and knot characteristics are very similar.  The big difference is when the stains are applied.  The deep rich stains shown in the stain charts are only available in alder.  Because ponderosa pine is softer, the stain color differentiation is not is not as distinct.  If you are particular about the color, or wish to get a deeper color finish, alder is the wood of choice.  Otherwise ponderosa pine will do fine.


What stains are available?

We offer any of the Minwax based Oil Stains.  We also offer Dalton’s custom painted colors (firehouse red, rust, turquoise, midnight blue, hunter green, and white) shown in the various pieces on-line.


What finish do you apply after the furniture is stained?

The furniture is sealed with a water based polyurethane/acrylic called Polycrylic.



Can I buy the furniture unstained and apply my own finish?

Yes, we can offer a five percent discount if you choose this option.



Can you match the color of my cabinets, drapes (or other items in my house)?

No.  Because each piece is custom built and each piece of solid wood has slightly different characteristics, exact or precise color cannot be realized. 


Can I have a custom piece built?

Of course! Every piece shown in our on-line catalog was custom built to one of our client’s specifications. We can build any of the models shown in our on-line catalog to any size you request.  You can also specify your stain choice and one modification.  I.e. cedar ribs inserts for the doors of a side table instead of raised panel.  We may suggest a slightly different size or advise against certain dimensions or characteristics depending on the piece, but go ahead and ask.  We’ll let you know what works and what doesn’t based on our experience.  (Note: As of March, 2008 we will only build tables and hutches with tile inserts if the customer supplies the tile.  Any of the models shown with tile inserts can also be built with solid wood in place of tile).


Can I order the chairs shown in the El Dorado Model photos with the dining table shown in the Ranch Model?

Once again, of course!  Any of our chair styles can be ordered with any or our tables.


What other cutouts are available for the dining chairs and bar stools?


Click here to see more cutout selections.



What are the lead times?

Lead times vary depending on workload at any given time and the specific item(s) ordered, but usually run in the eight to ten week range -sometimes less for bar stools or side chairs.  It’s not that we’re slow. It’s just that the furniture is very good, the demand high, and there are typically many orders already in the pipeline.  We usually allow some margin for error when we estimate (since Dalton has a small operation it doesn’t take many unforeseen surprises to impact production schedules, so we like to be conservative here) but we will make every effort to provide an honest lead time.  Additional time must be allowed for shipping, which will also vary depending on the geographic location of the destination and the shipper’s schedule.  We realize this is not a quick turnaround, but the furniture is well worth the wait.


I’m having a party in four weeks.  If I place the order today can I have the stools by then?


No.  We’re not trying to be unaccommodating, but we don’t want to be remembered as the guys who ruined your party.  As stated above, we make every effort to provide a good faith lead time that we’re reasonably sure we can meet.


Can you do a little better on the price?

No. Again, we're not trying to be unaccomodating.  We're aware that everyone likes to feel like they're getting a "deal".  But we feel given that all of our furniture is hand crafted to order in Arizona and constructed from solid ponderosa pine or alder, the pricing structure is very reasonable.  When compared to other American made custom furniture of comparable style, material and quality, the current pricing structure is already a "deal".

How about if I order several different pieces. Then can I get a better price?

We may consider discounts on orders of ten or more bar stools and/or chairs.  Orders of three or more large pieces (i.e. one dining table, one hutch, and and one buffet table) will also be considered. 


What are the payment terms?

We require a 30% non-refundable deposit at time of order.  When the furniture is finished we will email photos for your approval prior to shipment.  At that time the balance is due in full and the furniture will be taken to the trucking company for shipment.



What about taxes or other fees?


There are no sales tax or other fees unless you live in Arizona, in which case the sales tax is 10.3%.


What about shipping costs?


Shipping costs will vary depending on item and geographic location.   Please provide the destination zip code and the item(s) to be shipped and we will furnish a firm quote.


What method of payment do you accept?


Personal check, cash or paypal.



Once we’ve discussed the details of my order, I’ve agreed on price, and made payment, then what happens?

Immediately after the down payment is made you will receive an email confirmation of your order which specifies all the details.  After reviewing the email, you will be asked to respond with the notation “OK to proceed” (assuming the order specifications are correct), or make corrections as necessary.  We will not send the order to Dalton until both parties have agreed to and received a written confirmation spelling out all the details of the order including furniture specifications, costs, and lead time. 



How do you ship?


Shipment is typically via a blanket wrap service that offers curbside delivery.  The good news is you need not mess with boxes and packing material, the downside is you will need to make arrangements to have the furniture taken from the curb inside your house. This may vary depending on the item, but we will let you know if that is the case.


What guarantees do you make about the furniture?

All our furniture comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects in craftsmanship.  We also guarantee the furniture will be correctly built to your size, wood, and feature specifications.  Oh yes, and we guarantee you’ll love it!


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